-          What is polymer clay (light clay)?

     Polymer clay is light weight clay which is 7 times lighter than normal clay. It gives more bright colour and the product will be more durable and heat resistant. The product is not water resistant, unless it is coated with lacquar. The product can be exposed to the sun, but the colour will fade away.
-         what do you need if I order?
Important is front photo if photo come smile I do smile(like main photo of work) if you have side view is good for work because not have I made with my imagination. Then please confirm eyes and hair colour , kind of job you need like with or without flame, size, theme, suit of dolls(if diffical I can do I will do in simple detail) position of doll and text(short message) example of good photo look below.  

-          How does it work?

     The polymer clay can be made into diffferent shapes and styles because two parts of the material can be attached together without using any glue. When the product is dry under normal conditions (which usually is one day, or 3-5 days), the material will be firm and stick together.
-          How much similar of the model compared with a real person?

***I can made near picture around 70%up like joke Mini you doll  but not 95 -100% like wax model it so different price from me that is start 550,000 Bahtso if you need I can do.Please visit  Products page for further reassurance.

-          I  can refund money back if I don’t like?

***Please under stand me.I can do only my best when I start job I have cost and expenditure and need profit from job to.So I not have refund money back policy. 
 -         If I order same photo more than 1 pcs how is coming?

I can do very near if have master pcs with me.please look photo below.